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BEIJING Cheap NFL Sports Jerseys , Nov. 27 (Xinhua) -- Chinese enterprises, taking advantage of a favorable situation of closer economic cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European (CEE) economies, are actively exploring ways of business development in the Central and Eastern Europe.

Chinese people have special feelings toward Central and Eastern Europe, from where some classical films like ex-Yugoslavia's "Valter Brani Sarajevo" and "Bridge" and Romania's "Zile Fierbinti" once hit almost every screen in China in the early 1970s.

Nowadays, many Chinese goods Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys , including cars, television sets and bicycles, roll into various households in Romania, and the mutually beneficial economic and trade exchanges have built a bridge between the hearts of the peoples of both sides.

Donghui Sports Equipment Company (DHS) is one of the typical enterprises that have contributed to building such a bridge.

The DHS is a Chinese-funded international company and it has established a factory in the suburbs of Deva city in southwestern Romania, said DHS Chairman Niu Guanghui.

"It is thanks to China's reform and opening up policy that we can go overseas and score such achievements today. It is not only the pride of the enterprise Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale , but also the Chinese people," he told Xinhua.

In the late 1990s when the DHS entered the Romanian market, not everyone was optimistic about its business and some people even doubted the quality of Chinese products, Niu recalled.

Nowadays, the DHS is a well-known brand in Romania's bicycle manufacturing industry and covers 70 percent of the local market. Its reputation is also rising in other parts of Europe and its factory in Deva is one of the largest bicycle manufacturing bases in Europe.

"Make it the best if you want to do it" is the DHS's operation and management philosophy. The DHS always follows this philosophy Cheap NFL Jerseys From China , from designing, production, sales and after-sales services.

"I just want to let Europeans know that the quality of Chinese products is first-class, fully comparable with the world's top brands," said Niu Cheap NFL Jerseys China , one of pioneering Chinese businessmen.

Unlike some other Chinese businessmen in Romania who merely valued profits rather than brand, Niu stressed that a brand is built by the quality and production volume of a product.

Without a significant market share or reliable quality, the brand and an enterprise's long-term development would be baseless, he said, adding all equipment used by the DHS is first-class in order to ensure the quality of products.

On the other hand Cheap NFL Jerseys , the DHS invests a lot in television and radio advertisements to promote its brand. It also pushes its products into renowned global supermarket chains, which Niu said could help build the brand of the DHS's products significantly although it is not sure to bring bulky profits to the company.

Founded in 1998, the DHS now has more than 400 sales outlets around Romania and exports its products to many other European countries like France, Germany, Italy and Poland. The DHS is ranked among the largest bicycle manufacturers in Europe.

The spirit of "putting people first" is a priority for an enterprise's growth Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale , Niu said. The DHS not only pays workers well and offers first-class working environments to them, but also offers shuttle buses.

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