Richard Mille RM 67-02 HIGH JUMP MUTAZ ESSA BARSHIM Replica

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The century spirit, which is constantly adapted to the characteristics required by special industries such as aviation, navigation, navigation and diving, has a forward-looking vision in the field of sports watch. Considering the needs of professional sports activities and daily leisure sports activities, a new professional endurance watch is launched this year. This watch is an ideal luxury athletics watch with high precision, innovative technology as well as dynamic color. Once released, it attracts many expert athletes and also sports enthusiasts. The design inspiration of this view, which is produced in Geneva enjoy day, is inspired by sprint see launched in the 1970s, In addition to the white theme table we want to enjoy today, there are also orange, blue, red and gray options, colorful, vibrant. The watch case is made of the lightweight and top-end breitlight revolutionary material introduced by bailing in 2016. It is 3. 3 times lighter than titanium and 5. 8 times lighter than refined steel. The light and delicate shape is actually convenient for athletes to carry out daily training or sporting activities. Not only that, breitlight ® It is non magnetic, has heat stability along with low allergy, especially resistance against scratch, friction and corrosion. Many observe friends have been exposed to sporting activities watch, and the sports look at on the market is full of eyes. This particular luxury sport watch of the Centennial pays more attention to professional competition and accomplishes the ultimate performance of the check out. The inner circle of the wrist watch is marked with a practical scale associated with pulse meter, which is convenient for the wearer to monitor his heart rate online during exercise. The small second disk at 6o'clock, 1 / 10 second contatore in the direction of three: 00 in addition to 30 minute cumulative time plate in 9: 00 are all designed with record pattern, which adds a little tenderness towards the overall hard style. There are date display windows between 4 plus 5 o'clock, which are enough to meet the wants of the individual, whether it is every day wear or outdoor activities. The actual white digital time mark and tip are matched with the black dial. The time scale focuses on enlargement "3", "6", "9" to facilitate reading. As we all know, most new centenarians use the new "B" logo, which uses the small wings before, which is consistent with the tonality of the sports activity wind sit back and watch.
The core of RM 74-01 and even RM 74-02 is the crmt6 movement together with crmt5 movement independently produced by the brand. The former is made of five grade ti alloy after PVD and plasma treatment; The latter uses gold and red gold. With the rhythm from the speed governor driven by the cardless hairspring balance wheel, the fast winding box continuously transmits power through the involute linear gear therefore the 50 hour "mechanical ballet performance". Both movements draw energy from the variable geometry pendulum, so that each watch and its chain efficiency can be adjusted according to the wearer's life style.

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