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>LTS Secure Access Governance Use Cases
Posted by rver21 on April 4th Devin Singletary Youth Jersey , 2019

Access Governance is a combined model of process and technology to manage and secure access for the enterprise resources. It plays a key role in developing security infrastructure.

IT professionals with evolving roles recognize that managing and controlling security environment can be more challenging. LTS Secure recognizes that, Access Governance capabilities will continue to leverage technologies to realize higher benefits versus the costs incurred. User demand will continue to drive the discipline to transform from a compliance-based program into a true business enabler (e.g., Access Recertification and Identity Management is a key component for rolling out B2C applications Cody Ford Youth Jersey , that will drive operational efficiencies and improve the user experience) while helping to reduce risks created by emerging technologies and threats.

LTS Secure Access Governance Use Cases discuss the following points :

- Establish secure authentication with Multi Factor Authentication.

- Enforce strong credential policies with Self Service Password Management.

- Manage user identity and their role and entitlements with privilege identity management.

- Enhanced security compliance with Access Management.

- Improve your audit process with Access Recertification.

- Get seamless access experience via SSO (Single Sign On).

To Download a White paper of LTS Secure Access Governance

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