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Long Acting Insulin Demands Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap , Increasing in Canada Health Articles | June 29, 2011
Diabetesis one of those lifelong diseases that needs regular medication and maintenancein order not to end up with abnormal blood sugar levels, may it be too high ortoo low. With the i...

Diabetesis one of those lifelong diseases that needs regular medication and maintenancein order not to end up with abnormal blood sugar levels, may it be too high ortoo low. With the introduction ofLevemir in Canada Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping , its demand has skyrocketed because of its beneficialadvantages compared to other basal insulin therapies.

CanadaDrugs Online is always up-to-date with the latest when it comes to Canadianprescription drugs , and to your other health and pharmaceutical needs. They made the availability of Levemir to overtwo million Canadians with diabetes possible. You might ask, ?What makes Levemir on the edge of diabetes therapy?

Whatis Levemir?

· Levemir(insulin detemir) is introduced to treat adult Canadians with type 1 and type 2diabetes. It is a soluble, long-lastingbasal insulin analogue. It has a flat and predictable actionprofile. Also Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China , it does not advanceweight gain among patients.

· Withits prolonged duration of action, it has up to 24-hour effectivity period forbetter diabetes management. Itsnocturnal glucose profile is flatter and smoother compared with other basalinsulin, such as NPH (NeutralProtamine Hagedorn). Thus,offering more foreseeable control of blood glucose levels and decreased danger ofhypoglycemia especially at night. Shiftingthe medication of people with diabetes to Levemir means realizing a more fixedcontrol over the disease.

· Itprevents weight gain normally linked with insulin treatment. Particularly Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , it is formulated to theadvantage of individuals suffering with type 2 diabetes, who are usuallyoverweight already.

Predictablecontrol over blood glucose levels

Levemir?smedical advantage of predictability and controllability provides patientssecurity from experiencing hyperglycemia (very high blood glucose) and hypoglycemia(very low blood glucose) which is the concern of most patients who are about tostart insulin therapy. Studies haveshown that Levemir-treated patients are 26% less susceptible to hypoglycemia (over-alland night-time chances of attack) compared to those medicated with NPH. Doctors are positive with Levemir since itmakes therapy targets more attainable and it yields improved clinical outcomes. Thus, Levemir gives patients improved glycaemiccontrol and a better forbearance of their therapy.

Weightgain no longer a problem

"Clinicalstudies have shown that patients taking Levemir for type 1 or type 2 diabetes,experienced significantly less weight gain than those taking traditional humaninsulins and in many cases even experienced weight loss. The flat and predictable profile of the newbasal insulin Levemir may Wholesale NFL Jerseys , at least in part, explain why people lose weight ordo not gain as much weight on Levemir as they do on traditional human basalinsulins." according to Dr. Robert Schlosser, Endocrinologist andCo-Director, Lifestyle Metabolism Centre Wholesale Jerseys Cheap , Toronto.

Asidefrom the pain that patients get from their daily injections, weight gain isanother troublesome side effect of insulin therapy. In particular, majority of diabeticindividuals are overweight already; thus, introducing insulin into their dailymaintenance could lead to complications like undesirable alteration of bloodpressure and lipid profiles. Weight gainamong insulin-induced patients averaged at 5.2 kg (11.5 lbs) during the firstthree years Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , and some gained significantly more than this. Nevertheless, with Levemir, the moreoverweight a patient is prior insulin medication, the less weight they willgain compared to human basal insulin.

Withits undeniably helpful medical and clinical advantages Wholesale Jerseys From China , Levemir is one of thoseCanadian drugs that have gained great popularity and demand among Canadian patientswith diabetes.

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