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At a retail price of $150 Cheap Ovie Ejaria Jersey , the Terra Plana Vivo Barefoot Aquas can be a tough pill to swallow for many would-be buyers 鈥?that is a chunk of changeJimmy Choo. Having said that, astute shoppers often find good sales, and I’ve heard of some folks finding extraordinary deals on Vivo Barefoots. If you’re interested in taking the plunge on a pair of Aquas or any of the Vivo Barefoot line Cheap Nathaniel Clyne Jersey , here’s the link to the full Vivo Barefoot online storeManolo Blahnik Shoes.

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You must first understand Cheap Marko Grujic Jersey , or accept the first main principle of double entry bookkeeping before we start, and this applies equally to making them in your accounting software or wether you are making them in a book by hand, and that is ?br >
For every entry made there must be an equal and opposite entry made somewhere else and when you have finished making your entries they must all add up to zero. Don't worry most packages will make most of these day to day entries for you.

Sounds weird - not really. The whole principal is logical and goes back to the days when all books where done manually and by making all of the entries add up to zero we knew we had correctly entered our numbers. We may not have entered them into the right slot but at least we had created the basis of being on the right track.

Even though your accounting software will Cheap Mamadou Sakho Jersey , in most cases, make most of the entries for you, you must understand the principle behind it.

We mentioned above that every entry needs an equal and opposite entry somewhere else so lets use sales as the beginning of our understanding of this concept.

We sell a product Cheap Lucas Leiva Jersey , or service to Bill Brown for $100.00. Now it is quite easy to understand that this gives us a credit of $100.00 to our business but we also need to create an equal and opposite entry somewhere else so if we took the $100 and put it in the bank we would debit the bank account in the accounting software ledger.

In most cases one side of the entry would go to the Profit and Loss Section and the other to the Balance Sheet section. The dividing line between the two is often called the BOTTOM LINE and the last account in the Profit and Loss section will be called NET PROFIT

I know you might be thinking that that is a lot of baloney because when we look at our bank statement we see that the money we have deposited is shown as a credit.

Quite correct but we are talking about a double entry bookkeeping system here and not bank statements. We debit money into the bank.

The entries would look like -

Sales Account (Profit & Loss) 100.00 Credit
Bank Account (Balance Sheet) 100.00 Debit

If we add these two entries together they will add up to zero. We have fulfilled the basic criteria of equal and opposite entries as well as them adding to zero.

You'll also note that one side is to the Profit and Loss section and the other to the Balance Sheet section.

As many of our sales could be to people that have an account with us and therefore owe us (Trade Debtors). Let's assume that Bill Brown is one of those - therefore the entries would look like -

Sales Account (Profit & Loss) 100.00 Credit
Trade Debtors (Balance Sheet)100.00 Debit

(Trade Debtors - people that owe us money)

Again, the criteria have been met.

So far we have looked at a simple transaction where one of the entries, Sales Cheap Loris Karius Jersey , went into the profit and Loss and the other into the Balance Sheet, Bank or Trade Debtors. Both the bank and trade debtors are asset accounts.

Remember we talked about the Bottom Line earlier well you could say that one of the entries went above the bottom line (into the Profit and Loss section) and the other below the bottom line (into the Balance Sheet section)

In either of the above examples if you are using a sales module in your accounting software then the accounting software should make both ledger entries for you automatically.

Where an entry goes above the line and its equal and opposite entry goes below the line the transaction typically affects your net wealth. In the example if the $100.00 sale was for a service we offered and had no cost attached to it then we have increased our wealth by $100.00.

There is another set of transactions that don't affect our wealth or in fact change it at all.

Let's assume that some time later Bill Brown pays us the $100.00 he owes us. W. Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Cheap Jerseys China Cheap NCAA Jerseys From China Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys Cheap Soccer Jerseys Online Cheap NCAA College Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping

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