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"16 Crucial Website Must Haves" ECommerce Articles | February 24 Justin Tucker Jersey , 2009
Why does it matter who you choose to design your website or redesign the one you have? Because all web designers are NOT created equal!

This information was sparked by Ali Brown's Online Success Blueprint Workshop when she was talking about ideas of things to talk about in your ezines; I came up with this topic idea because every client that coaches with me either needs a new website or we need to update their current site - EVERY ONE! So, take a good look at your site for some of these...

Why does it matter who you choose to design your website or redesign the one you have? Because all web designers are NOT created equal!

What I've found over the last 6 years of business is:

- 95% of the web designers out there are NOT sales and marketing focused (which means they will NOT be able to help you figure out the best ways to present or write your site in order to get the best results from your target market)

- 99% of them do NOT offer a content editormanager (which is crucial for us entrepreneurs to be able to get in and make our own changes in the middle of the night, etc. - most simply don't have access to that kind of technology)

- Many of them do NOT help you figure out how your website will flow with the rest of your marketing, networking Cheap Ravens Hats , follow up, direct mailing, speaking, selling Cheap Ravens T-Shirts , etc. (which means it may not end up helping you to fill your funnel)

- 97% of them don't have any idea what an opt in box is!!!! (this is astounding to me!)

Now, I'm not trying to rag on web designers out there; I refer to a few all the time and frankly I have many web designers come to me as clients so they can learn this stuff and become more effective with their clients and that's fabulous because that means there will be more marketing educated designers out there eventually.

After you find the right web designer (which unfortunately most of us do not the first time around), then you need to also make sure they agree with andor are aware of the following 16 Crucial Must Haves for your site (otherwise, keep looking ok?). Your website should:

1. Be easily found on the search engines

2. Increase your traffic to your site

3. Increase your conversions (people who visit your site that sign up on your list)

4. Be updated regularly with new exciting Cheap Ravens Hoodie , keyword rich content

5. Be professionally designed and maintained (and NOT by YOU!)

6. Be built with the user in mind

7. Increase your exposure in your local area or nationwide

8. Have the functionality that your users need and want

9. Be extremely attention getting on every page, especially the home page

10. Have a way for visitors to sign up on your list in order to build your database

11. Provide free resources to keep visitors coming back

12. Provide links and content that generate interest and repeat visits

13. Continue to build your relationship with your visitors, clients and prospects

14. Have an easy way to contact you

15. Tell your story and why you're doing what you're doing

16. Allow people to trust you and get to know you

17. Do 100 Million other things too...but you'll have to contact me to find out more!

There is so much more to building an effective website which is why I write and teach about it a lot so if you're in the market for a new one now or know it's time to update your current site, I'd urge you to check out the service that I created just for this planning purpose - so you only have to redesign your site ONE more time....

Consumers are increasingly feeling more comfortable in buying products through the Internet. According to a report released recently by the Department of Commerce first-quarter retail sales rose 23.8 percent to US$ 19.8 billion in the United States from US$ 16 billion a year ago. E-commerce sales during the first quarter of 2005 rose 6.4 percent from the fourth quarter of last year. Forrester Research estimated that 2005 online retail sales will increase at a pace of 22 percent. Today Customized Ravens Jerseys , a third of all households in US make at least one purchase online within a year, a figure which will grow to almost 40 percent by 2009, predicts Forrester. As a seller, this strong growth of online sales means that you have to put considerable stress on your Internet sales endeavor if you are not doing this as yet.

According to statistics compiled for the Internet Retailer Top 400 Guide Cheap Ravens Jerseys , the top retailers in 2004 garnered combined online sales of more than US$ 51 billion, which accounts for 58.3 percent of all US Internet sales. The growth in online sales is quite impressive for large retailers. J.C. Penny Co. Inc., for example, reported a 35 percent year-over-year rise of online sales in May Trace McSorley Ravens Jersey , 2005. Can new online ventures boast same type of significant growth? Unfortunately, not!

Each day, there are thousands of new companies are setting up shops on the Internet trying to sell every conceivable type of products and services. Most of these websites do not attract enough visitors to make them profitable. Competition on the Internet is fierce! Internet marketing campaigns are becoming increasing expensive. Many small companies can't afford to spend money required to promote their sites. So, what are the options available for a small company with modest product range to thrive on the Internet? One of the best sales channels Iman Marshall Ravens Jersey , in my opinion, on the Internet by far is auction marketplaces. Of course, no matter what, you will still need to promote your website with all the methods you can master. However Ben Powers Ravens Jersey , selling your products and services through established auction marketplaces has its own advantage.


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