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Businesses have had websites for years. Now Wholesale Jerseys China , more individuals are hosting their own ‘websites’, by having a blog. There are more than 17 million registered blogs, and more popping up daily.

Here are 7 reasons having a blog is better than a website!

#1. Blogs are easy to set up – You can install a WordPress blog in merely minutes. You don’t have to be too technically savvy to get this done. You don’t have to worry about coding, and the core files are there for you. You can find ‘done for you designs’ called themes. There are tons of free ones. The WordPress dashboard is very user friendly. All you need to do is log in Wholesale Jerseys , add your content. It is very easy to manage your pages, categories, and comments. The blog platform does the technical work. You get to add your content and manage your site the way you want.

#2. Reader interaction – When someone visits your blog and has an opinion, they can share it through commenting. You’ll get to know frequent visitors Cheap NHL Hockey Jerseys , and respond to their comments. Those conversations can continue through comments or email. When you have comments on a particular topic, it makes other visitors stop to take notice of what’s going on at your blog. Encourage and welcome those comments.

#3. Blogs are more Search Engine Friendly than websites – When a blog is updated, the search engine bot will crawl your site to index your new content. With a blog, you have the ability to optimize your blog content. When you link your pages to each other Cheap Hockey Jerseys , you give the search engine bot more options to crawl. This is especially helpful when targeting a specific keyword. You can install a plugin called ‘All In One SEO Pack’ to help with optimization.

#4. Blogs are more popular on social media sites than websites – Because our sense of community has evolved with the internet, readers are more likely to share your best content on social media sites. Readers interact with bloggers. Bloggers also interact with other bloggers and syndicate (share) content they find valuable. It’s very easy to install various plugins that make it easy for your reader to share your content to their favorite social media site.

#5. Readers can subscribe to blogs via RSS feed – RSS stands for ‘Real Simple Syndication’. When a reader subscribes to your RSS feed, your content is delivered directly to their email. They are among the first to know when you have new content, and visit your site as a result. With a website Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys , there is rarely new content and there is no reason for the visitor to visit the site on a regular basis.

#6. Blogging helps with personal branding – When you have a blog, you can shine in your niche by providing content relevant to your target audience. You will be viewed as an authority figure in your niche by the content and knowledge you provide. The more questions you answer, the more you will brand yourself as a leader. Post content regularly and optimize them so that they are easily found by the search engines.

#7. You have complete control over your blog – You control everything – the look, the content Cheap Replica NHL Jerseys , the hosting, when it’s updated – EVERYTHING! You can update your blog whenever you get ready. You can add or takeaway at your will. With a website, you don’t have that kind of freedom.

Having a blog offers incredible flexibility that a website does not. If you’re ready to own your own piece of internet real estate, I suggest you start a blog today.

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