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Technological advancements are changing the world around us at a lightning fast pace. From the electric car to the hyperloop Cheap Jonah Williams Jersey , technology influences everything.
The construction industry however is still under-served by technology. It is a major contributor to the GDP of our country and needs to employ new technology for upgrading processes and increasing productivity.
Breakthrough technologies with the ability to increase efficiency of the construction industry have hit the market in the last few years, priming the industry for disruption.
We are going to shed some light on three major technologies that will shape the future of construction. Acquiring knowledge of such emerging tech and learning more through research can be very helpful for aspiring civil engineers studying in the best engineering colleges in Maharashtra
Construction sites are often uncontrolled, open environments Cheap Joe Mixon Jersey , which makes it challenging to incorporate robotics here. However, certain repetitive and labor-intensive activities such as bricklaying can use robotics to reduce costs and improve quality and precision.
Breakthroughs in robotics for construction at a global scale have been made with a private company designing a bricklaying robot.
It has recorded a five-fold increase in productivity. An added benefit to incorporating robotics is reducing the risk associated with work such as heavy lifting.
This innovation is not intended to replace humans, but to work in collaboration to enhance quality of work and ensure human safety.

Drone Imagery
Site analysis is the foundation of any construction project. In areas with little or no access to high-resolution Google imagery Cheap Jessie Bates III Jersey , dependency on manual workforce to collect site-data increases. Using drones allows for mapping a site with absolute accuracy utilizing a coordinate-based system.
Drone photography is particularly useful for adding solar panels to an existing building or retrofitting an old one by reducing human hours spent on measuring a building.
Digital Project Collaboration Tools
In a digitally-driven world the construction industry is lagging behind with using Excel, fax machines, and phone calls for every small exchange of information.
This makes processes very tedious and decrease work productivity and efficiency. Digitizing these processes using project collaboration tools make communication between various parties seamless and contribute to overall industry progress.
Technology is being adopted by this market rapidly and companies who do not adopt will soon find themselves outdated and redundant.
To avert crisis at an organization level Cheap A.J. Green Jersey , educational institutes for engineering are taking pre-emptive measures and educating students on newest technological advancements and their postulated impact on the construction industry.
Some of the top B tech colleges in Pune even implement this in their civil engineering courses.

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