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Tips for families supporting teens with poor mental health Health Articles | August 17 Ryquell Armstead Jersey , 2019

While some individuals may feel that depression is common amongst most adults, a lot of teens are also suffering from it. Depression in teenagers has been on the increase gradually over the past ten years, and this is so considering the large number of divorced parents in our society as well as parents who are too busy with work and fail to raise their children the right way.

If your teen is struggling with depression, here are 4 ways to help him or her;

Find a counselor or life coach

Finding someone your teen can trust and talk to freely is very important Quincy Williams II Jersey , and counseling or therapy is a good way to go about that. The problem will only get worse if their emotions and thoughts are locked up, this will only drive them towards suicidal thoughts or a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. Someone suffering from depression feels like there is no solution to their problem. By getting someone they can talk to, you are offering them a safe place to let go of negative thoughts and emotions that they are probably facing.

Reduce time spent on their screen

Spending too much time in their room either on the phone on social media or playing video games or watching a movie is the norm these days in so many youths. Although spending one or two hours having fun from time to time is not necessarily harmful, a lot of teens spend more than 8 hours on their computer screen. Too much screen time can alter or damage their developing minds as these kids are tied down to their devices due to constant release of dopamine triggered by notifications and reward systems. Eventually Josh Oliver Jersey , they will need more rewards to satisfy them or else they could develop depression. So as a parent, it is crucial you monitor your teen(s) screen time and ensure they only spend the right time on screen per day for recreational purposes which should not be more than two hours a day.

Nutrition and diet

Unhealthy eating habits is another reason for depression in teenagers, their diet are rich in foods that lacks proper nutrition and can also affect their gut flora negatively. Different research has proven that what we feed our gut flora has a direct relationship with our emotions and moods, and a child who eats a lot of junk without a healthy balance of fruits and vegetables can easily suffer from depression. It is very important that teens learn this valuable lesson of healthy eating habits and how it affects not just their physical health but mental well-being.

Keep your teen active

Most individuals are leading a sedentary life Jawaan Taylor Jersey , and this is one of the factors responsible for depression. To remain healthy over a long period of time, both the body and mind needs to be active. And the most important thing is pushing the body to an extent so it breaks a sweat. Not only does this help in pumping oxygen to the brain cells and release endorphins, it also helps in removing toxic substances from the body. Most teenagers don’t spend quality time playing outdoors because they are always glued to their devices; thus, it is vital you get your teen(s) to engage in quality physical activity outside of the house in the sun.

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