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The Sony XPERIA Z4 tablet is one of the most powerful Android tablets on the market Cheap FC Borussia Dortmund Jerseys , offering sleek performance in a sleek, waterproof design. However, it is expensive because the supplied keyboard increases this price, which some may not want. It's a great tablet, but it feels more expensive than it should be. At first glance, it may not look much different from Sony's previous tablets Cheap Borussia Dortmund Jerseys , and in that sense, it's symptomatic of Sony Mobile's design concept. However, it is packed with the latest hardware. Therefore, it is more progressive than some of Sony's previous devices and also some of the latest smartphones. Will the Sony XPERIA Z4 Tablet Be the Best Android Tablet? We lived with one to find out.

Design - Slim gets slimmer:

One might think that the overall goal of Sony is to make the flattest tablet. The XPERIA tablet has been in Sony's Omnibalance design for generations - and that has not changed here. The Z4 tablet with its total area of 254 x 167 mm is a slim device with only 6.1 mm in diameter. Sony still hangs on some of the striking lunettes of the 10.1-inch display. It is more compact than the previous Z2 tablet, gets slimmer and looks smarter in 2015.

The bezel has been a source of criticism in the past, but in reality there is a place where the thing can be oriented in both landscape and portraiture. A non-iris display may be desirable on a smartphone Cheap Sven Bender Jersey , but you do not want to constantly place your fingers over the sides of your tablet's display. And since the Z4 Tablet weighs only 389 g, we are satisfied with its balance. The slimmer frame feels good on this scale. The Z4 tablet offers high quality workmanship and is one of the few devices on the market that is waterproof and IP65 68 rated. The side slots for the micro SD card - and the SIM card for the 4G version - are concealed by the conventional flap, but the micro USB socket is now open to the elements, but still weatherproof, just like the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Reflections on the display:

Apart from the high resolution, the message from Sony is simple: This is the best ad on a tablet. It's brighter than before Cheap Sokratis Papastathopoulos Jersey , has a wider gamut and in the time we used it, it turned out to be true. However, things can be a bit oversaturated with Sony's X-Reality software. This gives the photos an extra boost, but we found that some games sometimes looked a little too glaring. We rather want to make it a boring and lifeless ad so we cannot complain too much. In addition, X-Reality can be switched off within the settings.

However, there is a slight weakness: The display surface is incredibly shiny. This means that you will see many reflections outdoors Cheap Shinji Kagawa Jersey , even if you have to cut the brightness, even if you sometimes have to manually move the brightness slider up to get the desired levels. That was exactly what we had to do when we just wrote this review with the Z4 tablet itself. Despite this brightness, the screen is a fingerprint magnet, so you'll clean it forever.

A lot of power:

We never really asked for tablets to be enormously powerful. When using a tablet, we never have the urgency we have with a smartphone, where we switch apps Cheap Sebastian Rode Jersey , shoot everywhere, and try to get things done quickly. As a result, many tablets perform well without exceeding the highest specifications. The XPERIA Z4 Tablet is a different kind of animal, a powerful flagship device that is just as powerful as your phone, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset and 3GB of RAM. It is enormously powerful, skips tasks and is quick to act if you ask for it.

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