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NEW YORK – This was nothing new to the L.A. Kings. Time and time again in these playoffs, theyve stared adversity dead in the eye and come out on top. So when Justin Williams, holder of two Cups himself, looked around the dressing room at his teammates after 40 minutes of Game 2 – his team trailing by two goals for the fourth time in three games – he saw not doubt or fear of the Rangers snatching momentum of the 2014 Final, but belief - cold, hard belief. “Were not a team that wilts under the pressure,” said Williams, owner of 23 points in the playoffs. “Were a team that goes out and wants to make a difference and gets it. I feel thats a big reason why weve made it so far.” Three grueling series this spring, all stretched to the max opposite the very best the West had to offer, each dotted with varying threats to a second Cup in three years. But at every point along the way these Kings have found a little something extra – another gear, another goal, another save – unwavering in their ability to overcome a challenge, however tall or insurmountable it may seem. “Every series, every game, every year you play in the league you go through experiences that ultimately will help you in certain situations and I feel together as a team weve been through almost all them you could imagine and weve pulled through,” said Williams, who boasts 949 career NHL games, including 112 in the postseason. “So when were down do we feel comfortable? No, we dont feel comfortable, but we feel like were able to come back. “Belief is a very underrated attribute and we have that going on within our team right now.” It was another 2-0 pit at Staples Center on Saturday evening – the third such hole in as many games – just another obstacle for the Western Conference champs. But in familiar fashion (they did it against the Sharks, Ducks and Hawks) the silver and black forced their way back into the fold, ultimately dashing the Rangers hopes yet again in (double) overtime. Remarkably, the Kings have yet to lead at any point in regulation in the Final and still boast a commanding 2-0 series lead. “We find ourselves in the same situation regurgitating the same mumbo jumbo every time, but were in a results oriented league and the results are were up 2-0,” said Williams. “I dont care how we got here.” Another Cup, thus, appears close at hand for the 32-year-old and an always plucky bunch from southern California. Forty-eight teams have taken a 2-0 series lead in the Final since 1939 with all but five going on to capture the games top prize, including L.A. in 2012. But for whatever history might say the Kings know full well that theres plenty of game left, their own checkered track record in these playoffs the best proof of that. It was L.A. on the mat and apparently down for the count in round one against the Sharks – they rallied with four straight wins – and then seemingly in control against the Ducks in round two – they were up 2-0 in the series before losing three straight – before another dose of Game 7 magic was required. “Obviously momentums a huge part of playoff hockey and once a team has it its important to try to switch the tide in your favour as quick as possible,” said Dwight King from the teams hotel, sitting directly across from Central Park, his controversial third period goal timely in the 5-4 victory. “Teams dont make it this far out of luck,” Williams added. “Do we feel weve broken them? No, absolutely not. We should know that more than anybody; that its tough to put a team down. Especially when youre playing for the Stanley Cup its going to be hard to put a team down, but we need to try to step a little bit more on the throat tomorrow.” Finding their way to the borough of Manhattan on Sunday afternoon (after an early cross-country flight), the city buzzing with a flurry excitement at the Rangers first appearance in the Final in 20 years, the Kings exuded a quiet, knowing confidence, mindful of the improved start theyll need at MSG on Monday night and yet self-assured in their ability to handle whatever challenges Game 3 might throw their way. Williams knew what he saw of his teammates in that dressing room just a day earlier – “I saw a prepared team that knew what they had to do” – and he knows as well as anyone that more, much more will be needed in the days ahead. Drew Brees Jersey . Cincinnati has lost back-to-back games in overtime, wasting a chance to take a commanding lead in their division. Archie Manning Womens Jersey . Today, well look at five frontcourt players today, here from the Bay Area. 1. AMIR JOHNSON (Raptors): I cant figure out what the issue or problem is, but based upon what Im seeing, hes not right. -- Michigan coach John Beilein is willing to give Nik Stauskas a little leeway when it comes to shot selection. Thomas Morstead Saints Jersey . Peter Dawson took his long before he started the job. "I was playing an American one year at Oxford Golf Club, and he introduced me to this travelling mulligan," Dawson said. Archie Manning Youth Jersey . -- The Sacramento Kings have claimed forward Travis Outlaw off waivers under the NBAs new amnesty provision, filling out the frontcourt with another veteran.It was an unusual feeling watching an NFL game from London, England here in the Eastern time zone. I know on the West coast its normal but on the East coast, I kept losing track of time thinking it was 3:30pm, not 12:30pm. It does seem like an NFL team in London is inevitable. When you look around Wembley Stadium, it is truly sold out and many NFL teams do presently have attendance problems. You add in television revenue and all marketing revenue possibilities and it is going to happen. As awkward as it was to be watching a live game at 9:30am in a good way, it was also awkward the way the Lions won the game with a missed field goal attempt and then a second chance due to a time count violation. Something is wrong with the way it happened. In New York, the Bills won 43-23 and I was surprised because I thought the Jets took a step forward after the New England game. What to do about Geno Smith is a problem question. Bill Polian had the logical and relevant comment that the Bills sat EJ Manuel and the Bills benefited with Kyle Orton. Can Michael Vick do what Kyle Orton did asap? He did play at a higher level than Smith but still gave the ball away three times. And trying to win in Kansas City next week is going to be a major challenge. In Tennessee, the Texans had the easiest win of the week (30-16) and Arian Foster had 151 yards on only 20 carries. DeMarco Murray is the number 1 running back of popularity across the NFL but Foster is quietly having a great year. For both players, all they have to do is stay healthy and hungry and the success will continue. Congratulations to Luke Willson of the Seattle Seahawks and his 23-yard touchdown reception to help win the game with 47 seconds left. There are a number of very good Canadian players in the NFL and Willson now is getting an opportunity and making the most of it. Having met him at the last Super Bowl in New York City, he is a good person and player. Well done, Luke. In New England, the win over Chicago was impressive with 32 first downs, almost 500 yards in offence and punting only once. It sets up the Broncos-Patriots game with the Broncos coming off two impressive games over San Diego and San Francisco. For both teams, perspective is needed. With New England, after struggling to beat the Jets, the win over the Bears was over a team that has dramatically regressed in a short period of time. And the Broncos played Charger and 49er teams that each were missing as many as five starters.ddddddddddddThat does not take away from this next game, its just that its not always who you play, it is when you play them and the circumstances involved. In Arizona, I was more impressed with the Eagles than the Cardinals for 521 reasons, as that is the number of yards the Eagles produced on a good Cardinals defence. The eagles are a speed and finesse team and when they play Dallas, it will determine the NFC East as they are a power and physical team. The dates coming up November 27th in Dallas (Thanksgiving) and December 14 th in Philadelphia. And finally, Monday night Football, Washington at Dallas.The fFirst half was impressive for Washington and you cant help but wonder if Robert Griffin III was at quarterback, the halftime score would have been more than 10-7. Brandon Merriwether was an impact player in the first quarter for the Redskins defense and 3rd down defence was excellent for the Redskins in the second quarter. The opening drive of the second half was also impressive with Alfred Morris key on an eight-play, 80 yard drive that took five minutes off the clock . For Dallas, two fumbles and two key inaccurate passes from Tony Romo killed drives and eliminated points. After the Redskins took a 10 to 7 lead, Dallas opening possession of the 3rd quarter was game-changing. Surprisingly, Dallas had trouble picking up the Washington blitzes on 3rd down and on that drive, Romo took an awkward hit directly on the back on 3rd down. Off he goes to the locker room for precaution and in comes Brandon Weedon. One handoff to DeMarco Murray and everything changed for Dallas again. Both of the Redskins young cornerbacks are playing very well, stopping Dez Bryant on back-to-back pass plays of four yards. Good blitzes and good cornerbacks for the Washington Redskins. So Brandon Weedon comes back and hits Jason Witten for a touchdown and then the pressure shifts back to Colt McCoy. But he takes a critical sack and Dallas gets the final chance to win. And back in comes Romo, trying for his 27th game-winning drive but he cant get it done. To overtime we go. Washington wins the toss and McCoy takes them to a three-point lead and Dallas cant convert on a 4th down. It was an excellent performance by McCoy and the two young corners of Washington. ' ' '

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