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Being involved in an auto accident can be a frustrating and very disruptive experience to most people. Depending on your injuries Corey Crawford Salute to Service Jersey , most likely you are unable to commute to work, unable to carry on your regular chores, or even unable to work at all. This is on top of all the pain and suffering that most people experience from such an incident. Then there goes the frustration of having to deal with the bureaucratic red tape of dealing with the insurance companies.

The most important thing to do right after an accident at the scene is to stop and exchange information with the other drivers especially when someone is injured. Not stopping and not exchanging information is a crime. When someone is injured, it is best to call the police or highway patrol and have them prepare a report regarding the incident. This will include statements from witnesses and their information. If the accident and injury is major, usually other witnesses would call 911 and paramedics would be sent to the scene.

If you are ambulatory Jonathan Toews Salute to Service Jersey , you may still want to have yourself examined at a hospital or urgent care to make sure there are no fractures or other injuries that are not readily apparent.
The accident should be reported to the DMV using the proper DMV forms such as the SR1 at least within 10 days for the accident. The accident should also be reported to the insurance companies. Parties with comprehensive insurance coverage are usually better off having their own insurance repair their own vehicles even if they are not at fault so as to avoid the delays caused by third party insurance investigation in determining fault.

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