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On the subject of video game consoles Barry Sanders Hat , all the kids nowadays always want the newest as well as most up to date system. One of the very first games which came out was the Atari 2600 and it is an unit that I still have and make use of every so often. I remember when I first received it on Christmas, and I wasted every waking hour actively playing those games. But the truth be told many of us tell our youngsters all the time to stop playing those video games and go outside the house to get fresh air. And then after all that we usually get them the brand new video game anyway to make sure they will leave us alone. However we’re going to give you with a few reasons why you should stick with or even get the playstation 2.

While many men and women talk about the playstation 3, you will see that by obtaining the playstation 2 you will be able to save a good chuck of money. For approximately $100, you will be able to get this from Amazon and they’re going to even ship it to you at no cost. Should you made a decision to order the ps3 through Amazon you will recognize that you will be spending $300. While the ps3 can actually play your DVD’s Graham Glasgow Hat , this doesn’t seem to be worth the extra $200.

I have heard people argue that there are no new video game titles that are created for the ps2. A thing that you may be shocked to find out that they are still making games for this unit. The games themselves also cost less than the ps3, as the ps3 games sell for up to $60, the video game titles for the ps2 can be picked up for about $10. Once you break it down you will understand that for the very same money you can get 5 ps2 games or only one game for the ps3.

One more reason it is better to acquire the ps2 is because a lot of the games are older and your kids may have played them before. With any luck your children will not wish to play the games as much and might go outside to play. Of course this is not to say that, this is actually going to happen Michael Roberts Hat , it very well may. And when you only get them a few games for it, they will lose interest in time. But certainly you’re going to be getting them new games every once in awhile but you will not be paying a fortune for them, like I explained before you can get them for approximately $10.

Of course these are just a few reasons to obtain a ps2, you may be able to think of a lot more reasons. I actually bought a ps3 when they first came out but ended up reselling it in a couple of weeks. And I had been very satisfied merely returning to my ps2. Should you plan to get this unit Kenny Golladay Hat , you may be able to come across it in some of the malls but you will see that it will normally be cheaper if you order it from Amazon. So if you want to get the best price on the console and the game titles you should check it out on Amazon.

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