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Many men all over the world have had prostate caner. However, this may not be used as a reason to justify one’s disease. You have to understand that prostate problems are generally not severe and it is not a reason to isolate the person. The condition is curable especially in the early stages of diagnosis. When you consult your medical practitioner and he sees signs and symptoms, the first question he might pop is “Do you have an active sex life?”. It is a known truth that one of the reasons for prostate problems is an active and unguarded sex life.

Your medical practitioner will have to run a few series of tests after a complete physical examination has been made and your medical history has been established. This would be to decide if you have an acute bacterial prostatis or chronic bacterial prostatis. Diagnostic procedures may include one or more of the following:

Digital rectal exam. This procedure is used to examine the rectum and the prostate gland. The medical practitioner will insert a gloved finger to do the examination.

Prostate massage or massaging. During rectal examination, the physician massages the prostate gland to collect prostatic fluid. The fluid is examined through a microscope to detect any incidence of inflammation andor infection.

Urine culture. You will be asked to collect urine in three different bottles. This procedure is interrelated with the massaging. Both the prostatic fluid and urine are evaluated for any presence of white blood cells and bacteria.

Cystoscopy or cystourethroscopy. The physician inserts a flexible tube and a viewing device to the urethra. This procedure examines the bladder and urinary tract of the patient to detect any structural abnormalities like stones or tumors.

Once the type of prostate disease is identified Jon Flanagan Jersey , the physician will discuss with you the course of the treatment and what to expect from it. Treatment for acute bacterial prostatis involves the administration of antimicrobial drugs which is usually taken for several days to two weeks. This is an effective treatment but the patient must complete the length of treatment and proper dosage prescribed by the physician. This is to avoid any development of resistance to the antimicrobial drug. Fluid intake preferably water must be increased at a certain amount to drain toxins in the body. Severe cases are advised to be admitted in the hospital for proper medical attention and care.

The treatment for chronic bacterial prostatis involves the administration of antimicrobial drugs for a longer period of time. Treatment is usually recommended for four to twelve weeks. It is highly advised that the patient follows the medication religiously because this type is difficult to treat and may be recurring. Severe cases may be advised to undergo surgery

Prostate problems may be treated as long as you have yourself examined by a physician on the onset of a symptom. Early detection can save your life. The proper prostatis treatment may be given to you so you may restore your health and your life.

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Manager Pep Guardiola has dismissed reports that a small number of Manchester City players turned up for preseason training overweight but stressed the importance of keeping players fit ahead of the new Premier League season.

Guardiola's emphasis on fitness was highlighted when left back Gael Clichy revealed that the manager had taken pizzas off the menu at City and imposed strict weight parameters on the squad, with the threat of a ban from training with the first team if they were breached.

"They were not overweight but I want my players fit," Guardiola told reporters on Wednesday.

"For me Joel Matip Jersey , the weight is so, so important. We need to run, to fight, to jump - to have the ball Joe Gomez Jersey , after three days, then another three days, then another three days. When you are not fit, that's when the injuries come."

Guardiola James Milner Jersey , who is on a preseason tour in China with City, has previously made use of defensive midfielders, such as Javier Mascherano and Javi Martinez, as center backs in his first team and hinted he could do the same with Fernandinho.

"I think Fernandinho can play in 10 positions. He has the quality to play wherever. He could play at center back Harry Wilson Jersey ," he said.

"He has the quality to create good build-up. We think he can play there - maybe Fernando, too, but he's not as quick. I like midfielders to play at -center back because they can play good passes."

Guardiola also said he would let the players decide who will lead them in the absence of injury-prone captain Vincent Kompany

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