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The myths that will be discussed in this paper include the Norse culture of Ice Vikings and the Genesis creation of Hebrew origin of Christian culture. The Norse myth usually narrates a conflict between dark, cold realm of Niflheim and the fiery realm of muspell in an emptiness known as ginnungagap (Distant Train 2011). The genesis myth explains a conflict between God and loneliness, nothing, and the need of creating something beautiful.

Nordic creation myth combines conjunction, sacrifice, and secretion motifs. Nordic is a myth that features unification of ice and fire in a joining of elements. When the breath of muspell meets the frost of arctic Nieflheim Cheap NFL Football Jerseys , ice tends to melt that results to water drops coming into life; thus, creating an evil giant Ymir. When the giant sleeps, sweat being generated from his armpits tends to create the first woman and man, and these giants grow to despite Ymir and the process continues with mutilation and slay of the evil giant.

In the Genesis creation, it applies dues faber and Ex nihilo motifs. The story is considered as ex nihilo myth that means out of nothing which is based in the first book of the Old Testament, the book of Genesis (Hendel 2013). In the book Cheap Football Jerseys , God created six days through speaking in existence darkness and night, stars and earth, moon and sun, animals and plants, and fish and birds. Adam was created in the image of God from dust, and God breathe life in him Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys , and the Eve come from one of Adam’s ribs; thus, combining dues faber with ex nihilo motifs.

Worlds in the myths

The elements and worlds that are represented in the Norse culture is that it is made of Vikings. They did have a pantheon of fourteen major gods, and the cosmos as divided into 3 levels. The first level is the Aesir, which is the land of major gods, fertility gods, and also light elves live her. The middle level is Midgard where giants Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys , dwarves, and men lived (Distant Train 2011). The lower level is Niflheim also known as the underworld where the evil dead died. The genesis myth is based on the idea that the earth was void and formless with nothing in the world, but darkness. According to the authors of the bible, they viewed the centre of the earth as flat and disc-shaped, heaven above, and the underworld for the dead below (Hendel 2013). Under the earth was water Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys , and chaos and this was home for mythic monsters slain and defeated by God.


The creation of Genesis myth is by God where God's spirit moved over the waters as it prepared to perform the creative word of God. In the first day of creation, god created light, and it was separated from dark, and this was named as day and night. The second day involved the creation of the sky that was separated from water. Day three involved the creation of dry ground known as the land and the gathering of water referred to as the sea. The fourth day involved the creation of the moon, stars, and seas so that to give light to the earth. Day five was the creation of every creature on the seas and skies. Animals were created on day 6 so as to fill the earth Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping , and

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