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So you engage a video production company to produce a promotional video for your company & website. Even though video production costs have come down Michael Dickson Seahawks Jersey , it is still an investment. So do you embed it on your website and hope for the best?

No, you want to take advantage of using it as much as possible, so here are 5 ways to use your video to promote your business, and attract more views, and visitor’s website.

‘How To’ Videos
Firstly Will Dissly Seahawks Jersey , consider if you have an opportunity to create a manual or a ‘how to’ video that demonstrates your product or service. Making a video showing how your service or product solves a problem is a great way to engage people with your offering, and increase the conversion rate. Having created the video, you need to optimise it for the brand or service using strategic keywords or tags as they are sometimes called.

Upload to You Tube
Secondly, open an account with you tube, and upload your video. Make sure that you carefully choose the title Rashaad Penny Seahawks Jersey , description & tags carefully, ensuring that they contain the main key wordsphrases. Always use your most important key words at the beginning of the title and description. This will ensure that your video has he opportunity to be found when people search on you tube. The other benefit is that Google may decide to pull your video over onto Page 1, if they consider it relevant to the search term.

Use Video in NewsletterEmail
Thirdly, consider creating a video link in a newsletter. Take a snapshot of the video, paste it into the newsletter Shaquem Griffin Seahawks Jersey , and create a link to the video. Adding a visible image for video, is likely to increase the click through rate by two to thee times, which is very significant. The same applies to pasting it into an email. The email can be sent to selected parties, with a request to view and comment.

Upload to yellvideo
Fourthly, visit http:video.yell Michael Dickson Jersey , click on the video section (top left) and open an account for your business. This allows you to upload your video. So when people search for a required service and location, your video may be found and watched.

You can also upload your video to Google Places (was; Google Maps-Local Business Results’). Google allows up to 5 videos to be uploaded per account. Anyone finding your company link on Google maps has an opportunity to view your video message. And if your competitors do not offer videos, you are likely to be ahead of the crowd.

Use Video on Your Linked In profile
Finally, you can use your video as a profile on social networking & sites liked Linked in. If you are a member of Linked in, which is an excellent business networking site Will Dissly Jersey , why not upload your video to your profile. This will allow interested parties to watch and hear you, rather than read about you. This has got to be a better means of communication, and convert more leads.

There are 5 ways to maximise your investment, increase your brandimage & drive more traffic to your website.

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Give your home a classy look and feel with the help of professional designers

Posted by myservice on March 16th, 2016

Getting your dream home built with every little detail taken into account is in itself a big task and then once the building is ready comes the mammoth task of decorating it. This task can however be taken care off by hiring professional Home interior designers who have expertise in this field and can actually transform your ideas into reality.

However Rashaad Penny Jersey , if you are still unsure about hiring professional Building designers and contractors, here is a list of the value they add, to help you decide better:

A professional’s outlook matters: When it comes to designing and decorating homes, a professional’s expert eye is a must as that ways you not only get a very realistic picture of what and how much is possible within the space that you have.

The budget can be decided and stuck to: When working with professionals you can conveniently set a budget and ask the professional to adhere to it too. This further saves you money as you do not really go on fancifully splurging on things but simply depend on the designer who in turn sticks to your budget.

Make your home look classy: When you get professional help, the outcome ought to be classy. Therefore Shaquem Griffin Jersey , when you hire a professional designer to beautify your home you can be rest assured that the outcome will be classy too.

Get rid of the worries of sourcing the right products: When you want to give your home a unique look and feel and are aware that the materials required will also be equally difficult to source, it is best to hire professional designers. Such people being industry insiders know exactly from where to get the stuff and at the right cost.

It can thus be conveniently stated that when planning to design and decorate a home, hiring a professional designer can add immense value to your home.

While the above mention factors tell you why to hire professional designers, here is quick guide into all that you should look for when hiring a professional interior designer:

· The designer must be knowledgeable about your city and its weather conditions. Like, when hiring Interior designers in Trivandrum Wholesale Seahawks Jerseys , you should make sure that the person has complete knowledge about the city’s weather and design trends.

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