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America now has two economies.There is the mainstream economy which is the usual way of doing things.The mainstream economy pays taxes.Inside the mainsteam economy is The Cyber Kings Economy.Amazon pays corporate tax because they are registered.The typical big internet business in America that cannot be traced could be generating US$10 000000 a month..Are these online businesses paying taxes.? The government is now compromised of billions or trillions of dollars in potential tax revenue.In the 80s the people who now run online businesses could have found themselves running mainstream businesses on the ground,the government benefiting from taxes.Taxes are needed to pay government employees and to develop the nation.I'm not saying tax the cyber kings.This is a situation which is helping in the economic collapse of America.What then will you do? America was built on the American dream,the efforts of individuals like Thomas Edison,Henry Ford etc.The way out of this mess is The Single Effort approach.Some fat bank account Amricans are tax exiles worsening the situation.If you care about America,cyber kings,tax exile fat government departments and activities that are critical.No government funding is done through this forum.Go the government offices in person,no government turns down some help from its people.Why do this? You will relieve the tax starved government of revenue.Fund what you can and when you can.Secondly,start partnerships with inventors,small businesses etc and bring revenue back to the mainstream economy and tax system.Most people are old fashioned.They want a tangible job or business that they go to each day.Put money in that system and watch the US economy bounce back.Lack of planning and the inabilty to see the cyber space consequnces are some of the major obstacles in the US economy today.You have two major economies,one paying taxes and the other one not paying taxes.These two economies are worth trillions of dollars each.It will take Americans as individuals to save their economy.America will collapse if these things are not addressed now.Our information gathering takes time and money.The information presented to you on this platform is free of charge.Donate to this forum.Bitcoin More donation options are available in this forum Raymond Mafukidze

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